Dangers Of Lead Exposure At A Glance

Lead affects nearly all living things. It however affects some people more than others. The effects always depend on how long one has been exposed to lead. That explains why old people are usually affected more. Most of them were alive in the 70s when lead and asbestos were used in nearly everything. But like already hinted lead does not discriminate. More at http://www.leadremovalexperts.ca/edmontonab/.

Effects to children

They happen to be the most affected. Lead traces in paint and toys affect them most. But that is not everything – overexposure for long results to low IQ as well as slow brain development. That means slow learning and to some extent and slow growth.

Lead paint


Adults too can be adversely affected by exposure to lead based paints. Exposure to adults may lead to nerve damage and increased blood pressure. Extreme lead exposure may have carcinogenic effects too. Exposure to expectant women may lead to miscarriages or still births.

Lead paint peelings

Lead paint is in its most dangerous form when it peels off or chips off and is converted to dust. This is mainly because it can be inhaled directly. Chances of exposure at this stage are always high. That is in fact why scrapping off lead based paint without protective gear is extremely dangerous.


3 Simple Odor Removal Home Remedies Every Homeowner Should Know Of

Odor can be extremely embarrassing. But over and beyond the kind of impression it creates, is the stark revelation of what it could represent. In simple words, there is always much more into bad odor than just the unpleasant smell. It may mean you will have to deal with mold infestation. It may also mean you will have to deal with mildew infestation of water damage. All these problems can easily compromise your health. But just what should one do with bad odor. How do you reduce it before calling for help? Read on to find out more.

Open your windows

This may sound obvious but not many homeowners know how it works. First off, the sign is a natural mold killer. The amount of sunlight coming in when your windows are open will not just let in some fresh air. It will go a long way into killing mold that could be causing the odor.



Vinegar happens to one of the most effective home remedies as far as odor removal is concerned. Mix half a cup of vinegar with a spoonful of baking soda powder. Pour the mixture in a bucket of water and add a small amount of bleach. Scrub your floors with the solution then leave your windows open for an hour or two.


Lemon is just as effective as vinegar when it comes to odor removal. But it cannot be used on its own. You may have to mix it with baking soda or ammonia. Then use it the same way the aforementioned vinegar solution is used.


Asbestos And Your Pets

It is easy to take care of your loved ones and completely forget about your pets. So the next time you protect yourself and your loved ones from mold infestation, asbestos and lead exposure, remember too that your dog and cat could be victims of the same hazard you dread. Sounds strange but some animals get more affected than others as far as exposure to some chemical substances is concerned. Read on to find out more about pets and asbestos.

Dogs and cats

The same way mesothelioma affects humans as a result of overexposure to mold is the same way it affects pets. The symptoms are the same. Several studies have revealed that dogs inhale asbestos from the clothes of their owners while cats inhale traces of the same from couch fabric. So the next time you see your dog or cat have difficulties to breath, talk to a vet as soon as you can. Then contact a doctor to have your lungs examined.

Pet toys

Most manufacturers of toys for pets hardly care about the chemicals used to manufacture the toys as much as they do when it comes for toys for toddlers. That explains why you have to be as careful when buying toys for your pets. That kitten collar should be safe for your cat. The decoy bone for your dog too should be lead free and asbestos free.


Malignant mesothelioma cannot be cured. That means you will spend money on your pet for regular treatment all in the name of managing the disease. You do not have to put up with such inconveniences when you can avoid them in the first place. Simply ensure your home is asbestos free. Ensure too it is lead free. Hire the right service providers to find traces and get rid of them. It is all about your health at the end of the day which is something you cannot afford to compromise.